Our Staff

ConSysTec's professional staff consists of highly qualified experts with a depth and breadth of experience in the ITS industry. Click on a name to learn more about that member of the team.

Dr. Jaffe has over 35 years of experience designing, specifying, testing, analyzing and managing the development of complex commercial and public systems using the principles of modern systems engineering. Since 1993 Dr. Jaffe has applied his systems engineering expertise to The USDOT National ITS Architecture Program, where he was Program Manager for the IBM Team from the program inception through 1996. Since forming ConSysTec in 1996, Dr. Jaffe has continued to work on the National ITS Architecture Team as a Senior Systems Engineering Analyst involved in ITS architecture development, architecture maintenance, architecture training, and in support to ITS standards development efforts. He is one of the foremost experts on the subject of ITS Architecture Development and application. At ConSysTec Dr. Jaffe has led the development of over 70 regional and statewide ITS architectures as well as national and regional ITS architectures overseas (Chile; Colombia; Israel; Qatar; and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia). Dr. Jaffe is an NHI (US DOT National Highway Institute) certified instructor, teaching and developing courses in National ITS Architecture, Turbo Architecture, Improving Highway Safety with ITS, and Systems Engineering; and is an instructor for the Rutgers University National Transit Institute developing and instructing the course “Project Management for Transit Professionals”. Dr. Jaffe is currently on the Board of Directors (BOD) and Executive Committee of the International Road Federation, as well as the BOD of ITS New York. In the past he has chaired the ITS America Research, Integration, Training and Education (RITE) Forum as well as the ITS America Systems Architecture Committee.

Ph.D, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
M.S., Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Cornell University

Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP), INCOSE

Honors and Awards
Member, ITS-NY Hall of Fame (Inducted June 2015)
Mr. Eisenhart has over 35 years of experience in systems engineering including 18 years developing large defense systems and 17 years in ITS. He has been involved in all phases of system development, from operational concepts and requirements definition, through design, to system testing. He is recognized as one of the foremost experts on the subject of ITS Architecture Development. He has been a key member of the USDOT National ITS Architecture Team since 1993, serving as Chief Engineer for the effort from 1993 until 2001. He has developed over 60 Regional and Statewide ITS Architectures. He has led the effort to develop Version 3 of the Traffic Management Data Dictionary (TMDD) Standard, a key ITS Standard, and has been project manager of the NYSDOT Transit Schedule Data Exchange Architecture (TSDEA). He is a NHI certified instructor, teaching courses in Introduction to Systems Engineering for Advanced Transportation, Using the National ITS Architecture for Deployment, Turbo Architecture Software, and Improving Highway Safety with ITS.

Engineers Degree, Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California
M.S., Electrical Engineering, California Institute of Technology
B.S., Engineering, California Institute of Technology
If you have driven through traffic signals in New York City, used E-ZPass on the tolled bridges and tunnels, tracked traffic conditions on the Internet, planned a bus trip using Google Transit, or read a message on an electronic roadway sign in The Bronx, then you are among the many people who have benefited from Manny’s work.

Mr. Insignares has over 30 years program management and systems engineering experience, and helped numerous transportation agencies worldwide to plan, develop, and deploy intelligent transportation systems (ITS), most recently working in tolling. Manny has led development of open systems architectures, communications standards, and deployed systems to integrate regional transportation and infrastructure systems of diverse agencies and vendors to make cities more sustainable and livable. Mr. Insignares excels in managing high profile strategically important projects, tracking risk to maximize system benefits.

Masters Degree, International Business, University of South Carolina
Bachelors Degree, Civil Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mr. Chan has over 25 years of experience in many areas of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), including the field inspection, systems integration and testing of one of the world’s largest traffic signal control system; project managing the design and construction of various ITS systems; the development and deployment of ITS standards; the development of regional ITS architectures; and the application of systems engineering to ITS projects.

Since joining Consensus Systems Technologies (ConSysTec) in 2003, Mr. Chan has been involved with developing numerous ITS standards using the systems engineering process, including creating the concept of operations, requirement documents, and creating test plans. He also has been involved in the development of over 45 regional ITS architectures at the state and local level, and one national ITS architecture.

Prior to joining ConSysTec, Mr. Chan was a Project Manager at MTA Bridges & Tunnels in New York City, United States, where he managed and provided technical assistance for its Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System and various ITS projects, such as dynamic message signs and video surveillance systems. Mr. Chan also was previously a Principal Transportation Engineer with TransCore in New York City where he deployed and helped manage a traffic control system for the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT), and performed systems integration.

M.S., Transportation, University of California Berkeley
B.E., Civil Engineering, The Cooper Union School of Engineering

Professional Engineer (PE), New York and New Jersey
Mr. Lahiri is an entry-level engineer and has supported numerous transportation agencies with the development of transit data sets as well as the application of systems engineering to ITS. He has been with ConSysTec since December 2018.

B.S., Computer Engineering, New York University

Ms. Crowe has worked on several roadway design/ITS projects during her undergraduate years both at Auburn University and at various internships. She began working at ConSysTec in October 2019 and is excited to put her research and knowledge to use in the field of systems engineering and ITS.

B.S., Civil Engineering, Auburn University