ITS Standards Services

ConSysTec is highly active in the area of ITS Standards and is a recognized industry leader. We have led the development or have been involved with the development of most of the ITS Standards in the past decade, including for Connected Vehicles. We actively participate on many of the working groups of Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) related to ITS standards, including the NTCIP Joint Committee, NTCIP working groups, ISO TC 204, and the SAE DSRC Technical Committee.

In addition to being responsible for overall coordination of several ITS Standards, ConSysTec has applied the systems engineering process and provided technical support in the deployment of ITS Standards, including test plan methodologies and development, reference implementations, standards based procurement specifications, and standards outreach (creating training courses, providing training, and workshop support).

Services we offer in the area of ITS Standards include:

  • Applying the Systems Engineering Process to standards / standards specifications development
  • Developing standards-based specifications and ITS standards deployment plans
  • Offering technical and non-technical training on ITS standards
  • Performing independent validation and verification (IV&V)


ITS Standards that ConSysTec have actively participated with include:

Center-to-Center Standards
  • NTCIP Center-To-Center Working Group
  • NTCIP 2306 - Application Profile for XML in ITS Center to Center Communications
  • IEEE 1512 Incident Management Message Sets
  • ITE/AASHTO Traffic Management Data Dictionary (TMDD) v3.0x
  • SAE J2354 Message Set for Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS)

Center-to-Field Standards
  • NTCIP 1202 v03 - Actuated Signal Controller (ASC)
  • NTCIP 1203 v02 & v03 - Dynamic Message Sign (DMS)
  • NTCIP 1204 v04 - Environmental Sensor Stations (ESS)
  • NTCIP 1210 - Field Management Stations (FMS)
  • NTCIP 1211 v02 - Signal Control and Prioritization (SCP)
  • NTCIP 1213 - Electrical and Lighting Management Systems (ELMS)
  • NTCIP 9001 - NTCIP Guide
  • NTCIP 9012 - Testing and Conformity Assessment

Connected Vehicle Standards
  • SAE DSRC Technical Committee (SAE J2735, SAE J2945/n)
  • SAE J3067 - Candidate Improvements to Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Message Set Dictionary [SAE J2735] Using Systems Engineering Methods

Transit Standards
  • ISO TC204 Working Group 8 - Public Transport/Emergency
  • NYSDOT SDP - Schedule Data Profile

Other Standards
  • ISO TC204 Working Group 1 - Architecture

ConSysTec has also developed or developing nearly one dozen modules on ITS/Transit standards for USDOT's Professsional Capacity Building program, including Introduction to Connected Vehicle standards. These modules can be found here.