About Consensus Systems Technologies

Because of our leadership in developing the US DOT's National ITS Architecture and U.S. ITS Standards we have expertise and experience that gives us a thorough understanding of both the technical and institutional issues associated with regional ITS planning and deployment.

Whether preparing a proposal or deployment, our systems engineering skill using proven requirements analysis methods for complex distributed ITS systems will reduce your risk. Furthermore, our experience in communicating complex systems requirements and operational concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholder audiences will assure success.

We can help your projects and programs with our specific skills based on a proven track record:

  • Help identify ITS stakeholders.
  • Direct a creative thought process in stakeholder workshops that results in consensus based, or "win-win" solutions for all stakeholders.
  • Based on stakeholder input: Formulate, Document and Communicate new institutional relationships and complex operational concepts.
  • Lead multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Develop preliminary designs.
  • Analyze alternatives.
  • Suggest an effective sequence of projects to build out your ITS deployment - to get early benefits with initial investments.
  • Understand and predict technical and institutional markets.
  • Draft elegant functional requirements to stakeholder goals based on the US DOT's National ITS Architecture using modern software tools.
  • Work with your existing staff.


In 1996, current ConSysTec President Dr. Rob Jaffe founded Jaffe Engineering and Development Industries (JEDI), which provided consulting to the Federal government, State and Local governments and international entities to support ITS system engineering development, deployments and training. Prior to this, Dr. Jaffe had served as Program Manager and Principal Investigator for IBMís team which developed the first US National ITS Architecture for USDOT.

In April 2001, Dr. Jaffe teamed up with Mr. Bruce Eisenhart, the former Chief Engineer for the National ITS Architecture effort,to form the Consensus Systems Technologies Corporation. At the time ConSysTec was formed, the January 8, 2001 FHWA Final Rule and FTA Policy on ITS Architectures and Standards was newly enacted, which required the development of regional ITS architectures within four years for regions using federal funding for ITS projects. Due to the teamís experience in developing the National ITS Architecture, ConSysTec was able to provide leadership throughout the nation in creating many regionsí first ITS architectures.

Still under the same leadership, ConSysTec has continued to thrive in the development of ITS architectures. We continue to develop regional ITS architectures, and update them to allow regions to keep pace with institutional and technological changes. Our ITS architecture practice area has grown internationally, where we have developed ITS architectures spanning four continents. Our ITS architectures continue to improve, with new features being added to increase the usability of our product for our customers. Additionally, our team remains actively involved on the National ITS Architecture team for USDOT, as a subcontractor to Iteris.

In addition to our work with ITS architectures, we have grown our practice into other areas as well. Our standards practice has focused on both standards development and applying standards for agencies. We have been involved with developing and taking leadership roles with Center to Field (C2F) standards, and Center to Center (C2C) Standards, including the Traffic Management Data Dictionary (TMDD). Recently we have been involved in the emerging area of Connected Vehicle Standards, having served on the consultant team to apply the systems engineering process to the J2735 Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Message Set Dictionary. We also have a growing Transit ITS practice, having developed the Schedule Data Profile feed specification for NYSDOT, and Concept of Operations and System Requirements for several real time transit information systems that compile data from multiple agencies. We also specialize in gathering and processing transit schedule data.

Over the past fifteen years, ConSysTec has solidified its leadership in the ITS community. We are experts in our field, and continue to expand our body of knowledge to better serve our customers. Currently, ConSysTec has six full time employees and three part time employees, and is headquartered in New York, NY, with satellite offices in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington State.

Core Values

Everything we do at ConSysTec is driven by our three core values:

  • Excellence in everything we do
  • Service to our customers
  • Respect to all individuals


ConSysTec employees are affiliated with the following organizations:

  • Intelligent Transportation Society of America (Active in several state chapters including ITS NY and ITS NJ)
  • International Roads Federation
  • International Council on Systems Engineering
  • American Public Transportation Association
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers


Our Services:

Our Tools:

Project Awards

Below are some of the project awards that we have been associated with:

  • 2017 - ITS New York - Project of the Year / Real-Time Transit Data - Transit Data Interface with TRANSCOM's DFE/SPATEL Tool - with TRANSCOM and Infosenseglobal
  • 2016 - ITS New Jersey - Outstanding ITS Project- TRANSCOM Middleware - with TRANSCOM, Infosenseglobal, and FHWA
  • 2005 - ITS Connecticut - ITS Leadership Award - Connecticut DOT and the IBI Group for the Statewide ITS Architecture Project
  • 2005 - ITS America - Best of ITS Awards Finalist - Development of the National ITS Architecture of Chile
  • 2003 - ITS New York - Outstanding ITS Project of the Year - Capital District Regional ITS Architecture